Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Mini Paper Trail

Sarah Laing on David Sedaris.

Patrick Alexander performs miracles.

New Zealand had a New Zealand Tea Council in the 1960's check out some of their groovy campaigns here.

Tui and New Zealand Exporter's Annuals of the early twentieth century at EsotericNZ.

Ant Sang and Dylan Horrocks are presenting a graphic novels panel at Golden Yarns Children Writers and Illustrators Hui 2013.

Gary Chaloner reviews two comics by Frank Candiloro.

Design and communications group, The Wellington Media Collective are the subject of a recent book published by Victoria University Press. The collective operated from 1978 to 1998 and was committed to "working with, not for" the clients whose causes it espoused. We Will Work With You: Wellington Media Collective 1978-1998, edited by Mark Derby, Jenny Rouse and Ian Wedde is available from the VUP website.

Ian Wedde writes about the collective here. Diana Dekker writes about We Will Work With You here.

  Founding member of the collective Dave Kent's memorable anti-apartheid poster.

Another in depth look at a New Zealand product line from Darien Zam at Long White Kid.

Emmett O'Cuana reviews Scarlette Baccini's Jesus Reloadeth'd.

Hook Ups!


New Ditko Titles in the Pikitia Press Store

Some new Ditko books are up in the Pikitia Press Store. The new Edition of the Ditko Public Service package and Ditko's latest 32 pager Ditko 18 will be available shortly.

A new edition of the 1973 Mr. A. #1 comic was published by Snyder and Ditko in late 2009. This edition has all the story contents of the original, though with a different story order, the covers and centerfold printed in black and white and the splash page to "Right to Kill!" restored to Ditko's original intent.

Ditko #17 Featuring Miss Eerie, The Cape, The Distorter and other stories and illustrations. Part of Ditko's ongoing series of recent years this issue includes an essay addressing some of Ditko's thoughts on comic fans. Published by Robin Snyder/Steve Ditko 2011, 36 pages including cover.

Collection of essays and illustrations. including work that originally appeared in Robin Snyder's The Comics! newsletter. 10 essays feature in 26 pages of text with 10 pages of illustrations. Ditko examines the work he did with Stan lee and also comments on the modern incarnation of Marvel comics under the stewardship of Joe Quesada. Published by Robin Snyder/Steve Ditko 2007, 36 pages including card cover.

Reprint of the 1975 comic ..WHA..!?, which features five short stories. Most of these haven't been reprinted since THE DITKO COLLECTION #2 (1986). Published by Robin Snyder/Steve Ditko 2011, 36 pages.

Places To Put Your Money

Chromacon, the upcoming New Zealand Illustration and Comic Art Festival are five days out from the end of their crowdfunding campaign on Pledgeme. As of this writing they are about $200 short of their target.

Ben Hutchings is primarily known as a musician but he does have a sideline making comics. Ben's publisher Milk Shadow Books have a Hutchings sale on at the MSB store.

A fine cover by Hutchings' band Tootleg Boy of Limahl's sublime classic The Never Ending Story. One time I listened to this for two hours straight and came out a better man for it.

Ive Sorocuk's latest mini comic Everybody Comics Face is available to order online.

Bathwater Books have two recent comics by Scarlette Baccini.

The Silent Army Online Store offer comics by a fine selection of cartoons including Tim Danko, David C. Mahler, Jase Harper, Simon Hanselmann, M P Fikaris and more.

English Comics Daily Diversion: Chick's Own Oct 6th 1951

House of Doom - Phil Belbin & Ray Heath


Before illustrating Kath King of Kismet Cove for Cavalcade, Phil Belbin produced the adventures of Private Detective Flash Cain debuting in April 1949 from scripts by Ray Heath. Flash Cain like other stories featured in K G Murray magazines was repackaged as a comic book.

Read Kath KIng of Kismet Cove - Men of the Sickle Moon here.

Read Kath King - Memory for Faces here.

Read Kath King - Diamonds of Death here.

Read Belbin's adaption of RKO Movie Out of the Past here.

Samples of Belbin illustration work and cartoons here.

Read a biography of Belbin by Greg Ray here.
Flash Cain adventure strip The House of Doom from March 1951 issue of Cavalcade.


English Comics Daily Diversion: Tiny Tots