Thursday, November 17, 2011

Russell Clark


Two page comic by Russell Clark and 'Augustus'  from the N.Z. Listener Nov 12, 1954
Special Thanks to Brent Willis for Scans

From an early age Russell Clark (1905-1966) showed and interest and ability in art and with his parents encouragement he attended evening classes at the Canterbury College School of Art in 1922 before switching to day classes from 1923-1928. During this time he also joined the staff as a part-time member and began exhibiting locally and elsewhere in New Zealand. An avid painter, sculptor and illustrator, Clark was extremely prolific over the course his life, he encouraged his students to take pencil and sketchbook with them everywhere and to never let a day go by without sketching something or someone.

School Journal Illustrations

Cartoons from The New Zealand Listener

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