Saturday, June 30, 2012

Paper Trail

Melbourne writer/artist Jason Franks reveals a preview of his second volume of  The Sixsmiths. Following his collaboration with artist J Marc Schmidt on the first volume for Top Shelf Comics, the sequel will features multiple artists including Dean Rankine.

Illustration and comics: Ralphi

Australian Cartoonists Association President Jason Chatfield goes to war for comics in newspapers with some radio idiots here. Chatfield speaks with Lindsay Foyle on newspaper strips here.

Guerilla Pussy are seeking queer themed comic submissions by 31st July.

Emmet O’Cuana at The Momus Report writes about several Australian comics purchased at the Sydney Supanova over here , here, here and here.

At the Melbourne Oz Comic Con this weekend Milk shadow Books release two new mini's, Cartoondelia by Rio de Janeiro cartoonist Johandson Rezende and Zoonmini #1 by Fil Barlow. Zoonmini #1 is a preview for Barlow's forthcoming Zooniverse collection collecting remastered material previously published by Eclipse Comics.

Australia's first open comics studio Squishface as featured on The Circle earlier this year.

FourPlay String  Quartet perform their soundtrack to Roger Langridge's silent comic Nowhere Special at TEDxSydney Saturday 26 May 2012.

The Australian Cartoon Museum have uploaded a series of video profiles and interviews produced by Rolf Heimann featuring some of Australia's finest cartoonists. View their youtube channel here.

This week Pikitia Press will feature an interview with Alex Hallatt one of the rare breed of cartoonists that has achieved syndication with Kings Feature Syndicates Inc. whilst working from New Zealand and Australia.

In the works at Pikitia Press: The second comic collecting Peter Foster and James H. Kemsley's Ballantyne strips from The Sydney Sun-Herald. Extensively reformatted by Foster to fit a 297 x 210 mm format, The Spirit of The Stone is forty full colour pages and will be available from the Pikitia Press store next week.

Today's post is brought to you by the following comics created by Noel Cook, a New Zealand born artist who worked extensively during the golden age of Australian comics.

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