Sunday, September 16, 2012

Virgil Reilly Film Illustrations

 Virgil Reilly 1964

Amongst the prolific illustration work produced by Virgil Reilly during the twentieth century were film posters for newspaper advertising. The following Reilly illustrations featured in the Sydney Evening Standard during 1920.

Kevin Patrick wrote of Virgil Reilly's career in comics here.

Wartime illustrations by Virgil Reilly here.

Gallery of Reilly's painted illustrations for the Australian Woman's Weekly here.

Sample of Reilly's sequential work in Rocket Squadron #3 (Red Circle Press, 1952)

Sources:, Drawing From life - Vane Lindesay (State Library of New South Wales,1994)

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TAK said...

I have a lovely, original pencil drawing of two gorgeous women by Virgil. Both are smartly dressed with furs and hats and lounging in a boudiour. On the mount card (all original framing) it has hand written "What would your husband think if he knew?" "Goodness only knows."
It is beautifully drawn. Approx 600mmx600mm. Any ideas on value?