Sunday, February 17, 2013

The Lost City and the Adventures of Russ Denver - Conquest May 1947

A New Zealand adventure comic from the 1940's, The Lost City and Russ Denver featured in the second volume of the short lived AW Reed magazine Conquest. Conquest was published monthly for two years with the second volume serialising the Russ Denver adventure strip.

Conquest also featured work by illustrator Conrad Freiboe and Christchurch cartoonist and animator Leith McCunn with his Daffy strip.

Leith McCunn's Daffy

Page numbers in Conquest would continue consecutively from issue to issue which would indicate they may have existed as bound volumes collecting the monthly issues.

Further information on Conquest magazine and The Lost City and Russ Denver here.


JKing said...

Wait -- Tupac? Huh!

Matt Emery said...

Shakur was an avid reader of golden age new zealand comics.