Pikitia Press is a small press publishing operation run from my spare room in St Kilda, Melbourne. I founded Pikitia Press in 2012 to publish works by and about Australia and New Zealand cartoonists. The Pikitia Press blog is an ongoing effort to record contemporary cartooning/comics and cartooning history in New Zealand and Australia.
Matt Emery - Pikitia Press Publisher - Dec 2012


bigman1 said...

Hey Matt just looked at your post about the Lion summer special which is great and wanted to thank you for referencing my article about Oliver Passingham. I am in the middle of updating the article to post on my blog page and would love to be able to use the pages from the Lion Summer Special just to highlight that sometimes for whatever reason things change! Not sure where you bought those pages from but I suspect the UK? Anyway I would give you full credit for anything that I do use. Oddly enough I am a big wartime through to the mid 50's Oz/New Zealand comic fan and am on the Australian comic blog managed by Ian Chambers on Facebook :) I have a lot of Oz and quite a few NZ comics from those dates and just love them. Apologise about contacting you through the blog but could not see an email contact. Regards Peter Hansen

Unknown said...

Love those Kolynos adverts & commentary - thanks!
xx C