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Saturday, December 29, 2012

E noho rā 2012

 Bluff Hill Lookout, Napier (Photo - Anna-Mai Hoek)

A big thank you to all the New Zealand & Australian cartoonists and comic makers who contributed to the 2012 in Reviews. My focus was on folk that have had comics and cartoons published in print or online this year and I really only scratched the surface of folk producing work down this end of the world. There are also many folk who are busy producing work in their homes and studios that may not be seen publicly until next year or even further into the future. Apologies to any folk I did not approach for the review I hope to achieve a wider review next year. I'm off for a week but will be resuming at least a month of solid bloggage from 7 Jan 2013.

2012 In Review Index

Jonathan King
Matt Emery
Matt Nicholls
Arthur Strickland
Matt Kyme
Ben Michael Byrne
Alisha Jade  
Paul Bedford  
Jesca Marisa  
Darren Koziol  
Sorab Del Rio
Marc Pearson
Justin Randall
Andy Conlan  
Theo Macdonald
Michael Hawkins  
Steve Sparke  
Li Chen  
M. P. Fikaris  
J. Marc Schmidt
Christopher Downes  
Matthew Hoddy and Caitlin Major
Cory Mathis  
Dean Rankine  
Mat Tait
Bruce Mutard Part One
Bruce Mutard Part Two  
Doug Holgate
Gregory Mackay  
Kelly Sheehan
Sarah Howell  
James Andre - Milk Shadow Books  
Jason Chatfield  
Gary Chaloner  
James Davidson  
Ive Sorocuk
Simon Hanselmann
Richard Fairgray  
Jase Harper  
Jerome Bihan
Karl Wills  
Brent Willis
Anton Emdin  
Philip Bentley
Bobby N  
Tim Danko  
Ben Stenbeck  
Pat Grant  
Daniel Reed
Colin Wilson  
Paul Mason  
Scarlette Baccini  
Rebecca Clements  
T-Rex Jones
Darren Close
Andrew Fulton  
Ben Hutchings
Roger Langridge  
Mandy Ord  
Toby Morris  
Hayden Fryer
David Blumenstein
Joshua Santospirito
Ant Sang  
Frank Candiloro  
Tim Gibson  
Marijka Gooding  
Damon Keen  
Dylan Horrocks  
Jason Franks