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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Illustration Diversion: Places and Chases

 Jungle Man © Gary Venn

I'm late to this but thought it worth mentioning for folk passing through or living in Hamilton, New Zealand. Places and Chases, an exhibition of illustrations by Angela Keoghan and Gary Venn, is in it's last week at The Framing Workshop, 120 Silverdale Road, Hamilton.

Artist bio's from the Framing Workshop,

Angela Keoghan

Angela’s illustrations continue themes of exploration and discovery, which are commonly found in her work. In this exhibition they are based on a fictional narrative of a Wild Goose Chase set in the Victorian era. Her characters always seem to be outwitted by the wild and elusive, the curious and the playful goose and their hunt continues on and on becoming legend. Angela is an award-winning illustrator from Hamilton, New Zealand. She runs The Picture Garden, a freelance company specialising in Illustration and Photography.

Gary Venn

“In my commercial illustration work I have recently produced quite a few illustrated maps – for clients such as Jamie Oliver magazine and EasyJet airlines in the UK, and I have enjoyed the specific challenges of producing illustrations which ideally work as a mixture of map, landscape and narrative illustration all at once. I thought that it would be fun to carry this sort of approach over into a series of prints for a show, and these were the result. It was enjoyable to be able to make images that worked like maps but could be more abstract and decorative.”

Places & Chases from Sarah Bradley on Vimeo.

Several years ago I used to drag poor Gary Venn up and down New Zealand with my noisy pop band, Amy Racecar. As well as being a talented illustrator Gary is a mighty fine guitarist as evidenced here:


Thursday, January 12, 2012

Karl Wills Interview Mar 2003

Moloka was a free zine produced in Napier and Hamilton, New Zealand, during 2002-2003. Initial issues were A5 size before shrinking down to a dinky A6 size. Content mainly consisted of band interviews, pin ups, and occasional comics with the general tone of the zine being antagonistic. Interview subjects were often ridiculed and afforded little respect as well as interviews accompanied with frequently inappropriate illustrations. The following interview with Karl Wills is a typically tongue in cheek affair with Wills responding in kind.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Nexus: The Comics Issue

In mid 2006 Nexus Magazine designer Matt Scheurich took inspiration from the recent comics issue of Vice magazine and helped produce a comics centric issue of the Waikato University magazine for their 7th August 2006 edition. The full colour magazine featured cartoons from local contributors as well articles and regular columns in cartoon form. The center pages feature of the magazine was written by Scheurich with features on the New Zealand Comics scene and interviews with Ant Sang, Toby Morris and Dylan Horrocks.

Posted with kind permission of M.Scheurich