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Sunday, May 27, 2012

Jubilee Publications Romance Comics

Honeymoon Library covers from

I've found very little information about Jayar Studios who are credited in the indicia of these romance comics with, "Drawn and printed in Australia by Jayar Studios and Sungravure Limited for the publishers, Jubilee Publications Pty, Ltd., 81-83 Walker St., North Sydney."

Kevin Patrick of comicsdownunder suggested,  "Jayar may have been in an in-house editorial/paste-up service which produced a staggering array of comics back in the 1950s and 1950s, which may have been affiliated with - or in some way connected to - Consolidated Press (once proud jewel of the Frank/Kerry Packer media empire). Or, it might have had links with Truth & Sportsman/Invincible Press back in the early 1950s."

Kevin also commented on the difficulties in researching this material, "There are probably many short-lived Aussie romance comics imprints I haven't seen, despite being interested in them for a decade or so, now. Simply because I suspect that publishers frequently changed their series titles (and numbering sequence) in mid-run (for various reasons), which causes considerable confusion for we researchers & collectors, decades down the track."

Kevin suggested the actual original 'drawn' component of these comics likely being the painted covers and the interior stories consisting of American reprints, perhaps material from St John Publications romance line. have significant background information and cover scans of Australian published reprints of foreign material.