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Sunday, November 24, 2013

Ross Gore - Levins 1841 - 1941

New Zealand artist Ross Gore's history of the first hundred years of Levin and Company LTD was published as a handsome hardcover book in 1956 by Levin and Co and printed by printer/publishers Whitcombe & Tombs in Wellington. Comprehensively researched from archival sources at the Alexander Turnbull Library, the company itself, and other Wellington institutions, Gore used his artistic talents to provide chapter illustrations from the various eras of the company.

Ross Gore's background and connections with the 'Baby Face Artist' behind comics Patsy Kane, Victory Comics and Meteor Comics feature on this previous post. I'm now convinced Gore was an associate of the unidentified 'Baby Face Artist' and confident some further research will reveal their connection.

Dick Hudson's Adventures, a back up story in Victory comics circa late 1944, appears to be the uncredited work of Gore.

 Victory Comics featured a cover story by the 'Baby face artist'.

Samples of Ross Gore's newspaper strip It happened in New Zealand here.

Photos from Ross Gore's wedding to Barbara Standish appeared in the Evening Post, 10 February 1939.(Gore second from left).

Gallery of Ross Gore Illustrations from Levins 1841 - 1941

Victory Comic scan provided by Allan Kemp, Ross Gore wedding photo from

Illustrations copyright 2013 estate of Ross Gore.