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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Paper Trail


Elliot Francis Stewart Tumblr.

Sarah Laing's colouring comics.

David C. Mahler tumblr.

Waitangi Day drawings gallery by Susan Te Kahurangi King (via facebook).

Brent Willis' reviews David Tulloch's Utterly Rucked. Read Utterly Rucked online here.

Gavin Aung Than's Seneca: Sympathy For The Devil at Zen Pencils.

Simon Hanselmann has a launch for his Floating World broadsheet St Owl's Day at the Silent Army Storeroom on 27th March at 110 Franklin St, Melbourne. "TRUTH ZONE" EXHIBITION: the sixty nine 2012 episodes of the COMICS WORKBOOK "comics criticism comic" will be on display for perusal and buying. Facebook it.

Brandon Graham shares an upcoming Prophet cover by Helen Maier.

Ben Stenbeck Blog.

Dan Best writes about the effects of Frederic Wertham's work on the Australian comics industry.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Paper Trail

Karl Wills's Princess Seppuku is now available in a Japanese edition from The Comic Book Factory. Wills reports number one has sold out of it's first print run and he is several pages into number two. First New Zealand comic produced entirely in Japanese? Possibly...

Princess Seppuku and the Hunt for Robot-X Japanese edition available here.

 Copyright 2012 Karl Wills

  Copyright 2012 Andy Conlan

Andy Conlan presents his children's book Mr Gloomingdale's Downpour in audio visual form.

Mike Alexander writes about artist and sometime cartoonist Elliot Francis Stewart for

 Copyright 2012 Elliot Francis Stewart

To celebrate the creation of 600+ pages of comics over two years Sarah Laing is offering some hand compiled yearly volumes for some lucky readers. Read her latest post for details.

Copyright 2012 Sarah Laing

Smaller Comics are presenting a second year of MINICOMIC OF THE MONTH. 24 dollars for twelve mini comics from some of Australia's finest cartoonists. Sign up here.

Have a look at: Jackie Ryan's Burger Force

Copyright 2012 Jackie Ryan

Ryan featured on a panel covering writing for cross platforms from The 2012 Melbourne Emerging Writers Festival. View here.

Oslo Davis interviewed by Gather and Fold here.

Copyright 2012 Oslo Davis

Good Ok Bad reviews Pat Grant's Blue

Copyright 2012 Pat Grant

Paul Mason recaps his experiences at the Melbourne Oz Comic-con here.

Paul Mason and Doug Holgate

Dick Sargeson cartoonist Graeme Kirk is one of the contributing artists to Fracked a combined exhibition of Taranaki artists held at The Village Gallery in Eltham 30 September - 19 October.

Copyright 2012 Graeme Kirk

Australian Cartoonist Association President and Ginger Meggs cartoonist Jason Chatfield features on ABC's Insiders here. Chatfield discusses comics on Radio National here.

Today's Paper Trail is brought to you by two Maurice Bramley covers featuring his take on Marvel's Nick Fury character.