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Friday, July 26, 2013

Mini Paper Trail

Tonight: Silent Army Storeroom 6pm -8pm Once - A New Comic Book by Tim Danko.

Silent Army:

Storeroom open today 12 - late with hardcover book launch of 'once' by Tim Danko tonight and the last pages of the giant wooden comic book being completed live and for your enjoyment.
Katie Parrish's We can go anywhere but we'll always be we where we are.

Jonathan Goodman writes about Gavin Aung Than's Zen Pencils.

Erica Goldson: Graduation Speech on Zen Pencils.

Race Relations Commissioner receives complaint for cartoon depiction of the goddess Kali in the New Zealand Herald. (Hat Tip - Alan Liefting)

Jason Paulos Heavy Metal Submission.

Milk Shadow Books publisher James Andre is Scenestr of the day!

Lucy Frew profiles Toby Morris.

Simon Hanselmann excerpt from The Lifted Brow.

Keith Chatto must win the award for drawing the most Australian comics covers ever.

James James and Tim Molloy share WIP Deerstalker.

Clip from a couple years back of Michel Mulipola on Pacific Beat St.

Pepi Ronald's interviews Sam Wallman.

Q and A with Ben Hutchings on Noncanonical.

Penny Lewis writes about pioneer New Zealand cartoonist Trevor Lloyd's home, Whare Tane.

Eddie Monotone's Sloths and Trolleys.

Paper Trail masthead courtesy of Toby Morris. 

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Keith Chatto Gallery

Ronald Keith Chatto (1924 - 1992) had a prolific involvement in comics from his early twenties until his last years. Chatto was the first artist to illustrate The Phantom for Frew Comics in collaboration with publisher, Jim Shepherd, on writing duties for four issues. Chatto produced numerous covers for Page Publications with interiors reprinting material from America, England and Europe.

Read Greg Ray's Biography of Chatto here.




Several months in development, Destiny Scott, was produced by a 21 year old Chatto in 1946 for The Sydney Herald Sun after Chatto's deployment as a draughtsman for the R.A.A.F. during World War two.

In 1947 Chatto took up staff artist duties for The Australian Sunbather, contributing illustrations, comics, photography and layout duties.

Illustrations from The Australian Sunbather Annual 1951

Source: Destiny Scott strips from