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Saturday, May 26, 2012

Paper Trail

Fred the Clown Copyright 2012 Roger Langridge

Fourplay String Quartet's score for Roger Langridge's Fred the Clown comic Nowhere Special that was performed at the Graphic Conference in 2011 is receiving an encore performance today at 12:30pm (Sydney, Australia time) as part of the TedxSydney Conference.

You can catch a live stream of it here.

Langridge has calculated streaming times for other locales:

2am-3:30am Saturday morning,  British Summer time
9pm-11:30pm Friday in New York
6pm-7:30pm Friday in Los Angeles
1pm-2:30pm Saturday in New Zealand

Nice Day For A War Copyright 2012 Chris Slane and Matt Elliot

Chris Slane and Matt Elliot's Nice Day For A War was a recent winner of Children's Book of the Year and Children's Non-Fiction Award at the 2012 NZ Post Book Awards. Slane has also announced their book has gone into a second printing.

More info on Nice Day For a War here.

Interview with Sydney cartoonist Queenie Chan from 2012 Adelaide Oz Comic-Con.

Professor Jane Chapman speaking at Macquarie University last year with her 'Uncurated' lecture 'Comics and the representation of female war-time bravery in Wanda the War Girl (Australia) and Paroles d'Etoiles (France)'. As well as Wanda creator Kathleen O'Brien Chapman also speaks briefly about Sydney cartoonist Moira Bertram.

From the MacQuarie University description of her lecture,

Professor Jane Chapman from the University of Lincolnshire will present Comics and the representation of female war-time bravery in Wanda the War Girl and Paroles d’Etoiles. During the Second World War, an Aussie comic strip character called Wanda the War Girl was more popular than Superman: servicemen even painted her picture on their planes and tanks. What is the appeal of representation of women in 1940s comics as a subject? Why does historical nostalgia attract so many exhibition visitors? 

Wanda The War Girl from Perth Sunday Times 1943

Yoinked from Jason's Yfrog, here's Ginger Meggs cartoonist Jason Chatfield and Garfield creator Jim Davis at the Ruebens in Las Vegas.

New Zealand produced Online Magazine Werewolf is worth checking in on monthly with sporadic cartooning updates. Writer Mike Brown and Illustrator Mat Tait are producing some especially beautiful comics here.