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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

The Art of Leonard Cornwall Mitchell

 L. C. Mitchell’s painted cover for the New Zealand Journal of Agriculture, August 1949

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New Zealand Tourism paintings and gag cartoons by L. C. Mitchell.

Illustrations and gag cartoons from the New Zealand Artist's Annual 1931.

L. C. Mitchell in his studio and New Zealand Tourism Illustrations.

Mitchell contributed numerous designs for New Zealand stamps. Images below are original artwork drawn to commemorate the 1949 Royal Visit of King George VI. both Illustrations were drawn on thick paper with pen and ink at 168mm by 201mm.

 Click for large view

In 1944 Hereford Printing Co Ltd in Wellington published a collection of cartoons and sketches by Mitchell with verse by Ian MacKay.

British and Australian currency was used in New Zealand prior to 1933. New Zealand's first coinage was launched late that year with designs created by British numismatic artist George Kruger-Gray. Mitchell contributed designs for the halfpenny and penny coins launched in 1939 (dated 1940). These remained legal tender until New Zealand's currency was decimalised on 10th July, 1967.

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