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Saturday, January 25, 2014

Brodie Mack

Brodie Mack (Edward Brodie Mack 1897 - 1965) was the first New Zealand cartoonist to appear in American comics with his collaboration with Archie E. Martin (under the pseudonym 'Peter Amos) Kazanda featuring in six issues of the Fiction House series Rangers Comics #23 - #28. Kazanda originally appeared in Australian comic books from the NSW Bookstall Publishing Company.

 Brodie Mack Illustration from Australian Woman's Weekly

 Brodie Mack Illustrated cover for the New Zealand Freelance

Mack contributed cartoons and illustrations to the New Zealand Freelance before immigrating to Australia to take up an executive position with Fullers Theatres Ltd. representing their interests across Australasia.

Along with twenty four predominantly Sydney cartoonists including fellow New Zealander George Finey, Mack was a founding member of The Black and White Artists' club, now the longest running cartoonist's association in the world.

Army News Jan 15th 1942

June 15th 1941

The Australian Woman's Weekly June 3rd 1939

Army News Feb 5th 1942

In Australia along with his Fullers commitments Mack was a prolific artist contributing cartoons and illustrations for publications across Australia. These included, Army News (Darwin), Smith's Weekly, The Daily Mail, The Australian Woman's Weekly, Aussie, The Sydney Truth, Sunday Sun, Perth Sunday Times, The Budget and The Bulletin. Mack also produced sporting cartoons for The Daily Telegraph over a record twenty-six years from February 1937.

Established in the thirties The Brodie Mack Correspondence Art School was frequently advertised in newspapers and magazines across Australasian for the next two decades. A versatile draughtsman, Mack was equally adept at drawing realistic illustrations as he was big feet cartoons. One of New Zealand's most well respected and prolific cartoonists Peter Bromhead was a subscriber to Mack's course in the fifties. It would be interesting to know the influence of Mack's course on other cartoonists of the period.

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Saturday, June 9, 2012

Paper Trail

 Tom Taylor with a Colin Wilson 'warm up' sketch at Melbourne Armageddon 2011

Prolific Melbourne comics writer Tom Taylor has commenced a months residency at Insideadog focuses on young adult literature and is managed by the State Library of Victoria. Over the course of the month Taylor is answering questions concerning writing and his career as well as providing insight into his work processes. Read Tom Taylor's contributions here.

Copyright 2012 Peter Bromhead

Michelle Hewitson interviews septuagenarian cartoonist Peter Bromhead for The New Zealand Herald here. The New Zealand Listener has a brief piece from earlier this year on Bromhead here.

Copyright 2012 Dylan Horrocks

Dylan Horrocks is conducting a visual storytelling workshop at the Whitireira Library in Porirua, Wellington, from 25th -29th June. Writers, artists, curious beginners and experienced cartoonists are welcome. The workshop costs $150, email for bookings.

Zombie Cities illustration by Martin Szabo. Copyright 2012 Silver Fox Comics

Sydney Publisher Silver Fox Comics are releasing their first graphic novel, Zombie Cities, at this years Sydney Supanova on June 15th. Silver Fox Comics debuted in 2011 with a modernised take on Zorro. Zorro was distributed via Gordon and Gotch to Australian newsagents which is exceedingly rare for a locally produced comic in this day and age.

Zombie Cities is 104 colour pages and written by Silver Fox publisher Sorab Del Rio with illustrations handled by multiple artists from around the globe.

Film Maker Daniel Hayward and Cartoonist Bernard Caleo have been making a feature documentary Graphic Novels! Melbourne! that examines the extraordinary graphic novel culture of Melbourne. Focusing primarily on four cartoonists, Nicki Greenberg, Mandy Ord, Bruce Mutard and Pat Grant, the movie will also cast its eye over the comics-making culture of Melbourne. To aide production of their documentary Hayward and Caleo are hosting a fundraiser in conjunction with Readings cinema in Carlton. For more details they have a dedicated page here.

 Illustration by Glenn Smith 2001

Michael Hill writes about 2001 Savage pencils exhibition of contemporary comic art that featured work by Australian and New Zealand cartoonists here.

New Zealand comics blogger Adrian Kinnaird appears on this weeks episode of Media 7 discussing comics creator rights. View here.
Kidzone Copyright 1983 Bob McMahon
This week on Pikitia Press I'll have a feature interview with Dunedin cartoonist Bob McMahon.

 Ballantyne Copyright 2012 Peter Foster and James H. Kemsley

I'm still in the midst of setting up Pikitia Press as a publishing entity but the above image is a proof of the second volume of Ballantyne adventures by Peter Foster and James H. Kemsley scheduled for July 2012. Reformatted from their several year run at the Sydney Sun Herald, Foster has meticulously coloured his black and white Ballantyne daily strips to produce a dynamic full colour adventure comic. More details about publishing plans this week with several comics and books by some of Australia and New Zealand's finest cartoonists currently on the publishing slate.