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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Marriage Equality in New Zealand

I can recall when The New Zealand Homosexual Law Reform Act was passed in 1986 and yesterday marked another historic piece of legislation with the passing of MP Louisa Wall's bill to legalise gay marriage in New Zealand. Several New Zealand cartoonists provided commentary on the Marriage (Definition of Marriage) Amendment Bill being passed into law, making New Zealand the 13th nation to allow same-sex marriage.


This gallery was compiled from online sources and all images are copyright of the respective cartoonists. Any cartoonists who wish to have their work removed please email me.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Paper Trail

I'm under the gun for a bunch of things so I'll be posting brief Paper Trail columns over the next two weeks.

Illustrations and comics by Peader Thomas.

The City Burns Crimson by
Robert McMaster.

Becky and Frank of Tiny Kitten Teeth feature on the Mutant Season at Nerdist.

I Speak Comics interviews Moth City artist Tim Gibson. Sean Robinson writes about Moth City here.

Trailer for the Australian launch of Dailies #3 from Silent Army.

Non-Canonical interview Milk Shadow Books publisher James Andre.

Despicable  Man! 

Melbourne cartoonist Bruce Mutard details his forthcoming busy year of comics related events.

 Five Questions with Rod Emmerson at The New Zealand Listener.

Ness at Aggressive Comics interviews Ben Hutchings.

From the Pikitia Press work in progress folder,

More Phil Belbin Film adaptions.