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Saturday, March 30, 2013

St Owl's Bay Broadsheet Launch - Simon Hanselmann

A few pics from early in the night of the Melbourne launch of Simon Hanselmann's St Owl's Bay Broadsheet. Published by Floating World in Portland, the Melbourne release included a limited edition supplemental page. More pics from the launch at Silent Army. The Silent Army store will have a limited supply of St Owl's Bay available next week.

 First Page St Owl's Bay Broadsheet

 Hanselmann in the Truth Zone (pic yoinked from Fikaris.)

Click for larger view of the TRUTH ZONE

Friday, March 22, 2013

Comic Events

Second Shore and Pikitia Press will be tabling with a fine selection of Australian and New Zealand comics at the Federation Square Book Fair under the Atrium tomorrow from 11am - 5pm.

Tomorrow, Sat 23 March, All Star Comics in Melbourne launch Tom Taylor and James Brouwer's The Deep: The Vanishing Island. Facebook it.

A disparate combination of various Milk Shadow Books comic folk and the Australian writer of My little Pony, Ryan K Lindsay, are signing at Impact Comics in Canberra in the early morning and evening tomorrow. More details here. These creators and more will be at the CanberraZine Emporium from 11am - 4pm tomorrow as well. Facebook it.

Simon Hanselmann launches his Floating World Broadsheet St Owl's Bay at the Silent Army storeroom on March 27th. 

Simon says,
"Tell your friends"... presumably there will be a hotbed of local talent in attendance. a variety of beverages. free snax. maybe some "surprises". IDK. bitching, gossip, passionate rambling etc... "meet n greet". paranoia, social awkwardness.
 Facebook it.


Graphic Novels! Melbourne! has an upcoming screening in Canberra on April 6. more details here.

Auckland has a new comics shop, Arkham City Comics, opening 1st April. More details here.