Tuesday, January 10, 2012

World Patrol Adventures of Mark Steel and Dawn Randal

Starting in the first issue of Junior Digest in September 1945 World Patrol, Adventures of Mark Steel and Dawn Randal ran for five years concluding with the December issue of Junior Digest in 1950. Junior Digest was published in Christchurch by Trio Publications and featured a mixture of stories, articles, cartoons and comics. World Patrol was a Sci-Fi serial steeped with elements typical of the time, rocket ships, anti gravity, aliens and exploring space all featured over the years. Like a lot of material from this time, authors and artists are not credited. Later episodes became more text oriented, sometimes with only a few spot illustrations, with the concluding episode in 1950 having evolved from a comic serial to full prose. Occasional editorials hint towards illness preventing World Patrol from running in later issues as a full comic strip and after it was concluded in 1950 it was not replaced.

First episode of World Patrol Sept. 1945

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