Thursday, February 2, 2012

H. B. K. Hislop Publications

There is little information available about Auckland publisher H. B. K. Hislop Ltd but from what I can ascertain they published several pulp titles over the forties and fifties. Titles such as Laughs, Burlesk and True Detective Police cases where largely compiled from American material with Laughs offering payment for joke submissions from locals. The initial issues of Laughs had covers illustrated by Auckland artist 'Carr' with later issues illustrated by an artist signed as SLYE. Laughs and Burlesk contained cartoons and gags often poorly cropped from American magazines.

Despite being based in New Zealand's largest city, Auckland, all of H.B.K. Hislop's publications were printed 350 kilometres down the east coast at Te Rau Press Ltd who still operate in Gisborne today. Another note of interest is an issue of Detective Police Cases was deemed obscene and placed upon the list of censored publications in Ireland in 1954. If anyone has more information about this publisher I'd love to hear from you.

Laughs Volume 1 published December 1944

Laughs Volume 2

 Laughs Volume 4

  Laughs Volume 6

Laughs Volume 14

Laughs Volume 15

Laughs Volume 8

Laughs Volume 11

Interior page of Laughs Volume 1

  Back Cover Advert for artist Carr

 True Detective Police Case No. 37

 True Detective Police Cases No. 42

 Back Cover of True Detective Police Cases No. 42

Burlesk Act. 43

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