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Sunday, July 14, 2013

Mini Paper Trail

CGNZ profile Samantha Asri.

I don't direct folk to facebook too often but have a look and like Alex Hallatt's Artic Circle page over here.

Karl Wills' Princess Seppuku animation test.

Sarah Laing talks about her new novel The Fall of Light on Radio New Zealand.

Sarah shares some preliminary sketchbook work for The Fall of Light here.

I really like this comic by Gavin Aung Than.

Fiona Katauskas talks pictures with syndicated cartoonist Jason Chatfield.

Facebook page for Sam Wallman's Australian hisory anthology Fluid Prejudice.

"Fluid Prejudice is a collection of comics and drawings focusing on underrepresented and alternative visions of Australian history. An exhibition and a 200 page book will be launched late 2013, at Trades Hall, Melbourne."

Blood and Thunder 2 enters the Truth Zone. Part one and part two.

Clint Cure is seeking funds for a series of comic book biographies featuring movie directors.

System Earth Comic trailer,
a quarterly comic series from the Dunedin Comic Collective from the mind and fingers of Tom Garden.

I haven't been keeping up with things but Paul Rigby's Gallery and studio closed after eight years of operation a couple weeks ago. Further details here.

Michael Hawkins and Sean T Collins are still busy chronicling a behind the scenes look at Justin Beiber's life.

I like these goofy anthology covers from the fifties where Frew's lead character The Phantom would interact in bizarre ways with Australian characters created to capitalise on the Phantom's success.

I figure if I tease a bunch of articles/interviews here I'll give myself the impetus to finish them.

At the top of my to-finish-pile, writing up the few hours I spent with recently passed Frew publisher Jim Shepherd last year. Jim was very generous with his time and shared many wonderful stories and anecdotes with me that i really should get down on the record.

Profile on Australian illustrator Walter Jardine.

 Profile and interview with June Mendoza.

 A write up on collecting comics after thirty years.

Interview with Clubhouse comics editor Brendan Halyday.

Paper Trail masthead courtesy of Toby Morris.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Confessions Of A Rookie Film Maker & Comic Book Virus

Clint Cure launches the first three issues of Confessions of a Rookie Film Maker this Friday at the Silent Army Storeroom,110 Franklin Street, Melbourne City. Cure will be screening three of his short films: The Lecture, Retribution and Hanging at Picnic Rock, an '80s B-Grade action take on an Aussie classic featuring zombies and lesbian bikers.

Facebook it.

All six parts of Clint Cure's Comic Book Virus documentaries about Melbourne comic book artists made in collaboration with Garry Donnellan, Dave Rhodes and Craig Rideout are now online at youtube. Comic Book Virus was originally aired on Optus Local Vision in 1997. Cartoonists featured include: Fred Negro, Aaron O'Donnel, Michael Fikaris, James Dunlevie, Tim Danko, Neale Blanden, Gregory MacKaye, Gerald Carr, Bruce Mutard, Greg Gates, Sal Lima, Scott Stuart, Phil Wlodarczyk, Ian Gunn, Edo Fuijshot, John Petropoulos, John Weeks, Athonk, Amber Carvan, Mick Wilson. Dillon Naylor, Wyin Law, Jason Badower, Alice Mrongrovious, Nicola Hardy and Peter Savieri.

Monday, February 18, 2013

Comic Book Virus - Melbourne Comic Scene

A two part document of the Melbourne comics scene in the late 1990's condensed down from a six part documentary produced by Clint Cure, Garry Donnellon, Dave Rhodes and Craig Rideout. Originally aired on Optus Local Vision in 1997, artists featured include Fred Negro, Aaron O'donnel, Michael Fikaris, James Dunlevie, Tim Danko, Neale Blanden, Gregory MacKaye and Dillon Naylor.

Comic Book Virus Part One

Comic Book Virus Part Two

Thanks to David Blumenstein for the Hat-tip.