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Sunday, July 28, 2013

Buying Comics

Melbourne's a great city to pick up cheap reading. Here's a few recent comic gems I've found at markets, second hand bookshops and opportunity shops. All costing one or two clams apiece.

Shaky Kane! From freebie box at my LCS.

Sometimes it's nice to dip into some juvenile DC Thomson comics, although the IPC titles were always a preference as a kid.

Not a comic, but every now and then I like to pull a book of letters from an author I dig out of the Pikitia Press library and read a few. Published in 2001, this volume retailed for 90 coconuts! I picked it up from the Bookhouse for 4 clams. The Bookhouse man mentioned in those days book retailers could charge that much for a book and folk would fill their houses with them. Now he finds folk offering him shelves of them and for him they're virtually unsellable. Holy Smokes! 90 Coconuts!!

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Confessions Of A Rookie Film Maker & Comic Book Virus

Clint Cure launches the first three issues of Confessions of a Rookie Film Maker this Friday at the Silent Army Storeroom,110 Franklin Street, Melbourne City. Cure will be screening three of his short films: The Lecture, Retribution and Hanging at Picnic Rock, an '80s B-Grade action take on an Aussie classic featuring zombies and lesbian bikers.

Facebook it.

All six parts of Clint Cure's Comic Book Virus documentaries about Melbourne comic book artists made in collaboration with Garry Donnellan, Dave Rhodes and Craig Rideout are now online at youtube. Comic Book Virus was originally aired on Optus Local Vision in 1997. Cartoonists featured include: Fred Negro, Aaron O'Donnel, Michael Fikaris, James Dunlevie, Tim Danko, Neale Blanden, Gregory MacKaye, Gerald Carr, Bruce Mutard, Greg Gates, Sal Lima, Scott Stuart, Phil Wlodarczyk, Ian Gunn, Edo Fuijshot, John Petropoulos, John Weeks, Athonk, Amber Carvan, Mick Wilson. Dillon Naylor, Wyin Law, Jason Badower, Alice Mrongrovious, Nicola Hardy and Peter Savieri.