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Monday, December 9, 2013

2013 in Review: Matt Kyme

What have been your personal cartooning/comics highlights of 2013?

This is a cinch. Working with author extraordinaire, Andrez Bergen, to produce Tales To Admonish. The three stories that Andrez concocted were all so varied and original. All three of them stem from his novels; The Condimental Op and Who Is Killing The Great Capes Of Heropa?.  Andrez is a breeze to work with and he is a brilliant wordsmith.

I’d be remiss to mention the fine work that Arthur Strickland has been doing on our ‘That Bulletproof Kid’ webcomic. Arthurs pages just get stronger and stronger

Being invited to participate in Darker Forces: Degeneration by the good folks at Gaining Velocity was a huge honour. My single page in this project will sit alongside work by an amazing group of artists from Australia and South Africa. I can’t wait to see that comic.

I’ve recently worked on a project with the awe inspiring Katie Houghton-Ward, which I’m hoping to be able to announce more details on soon. Her art is off the scale.

I drew a really fun project called Mercenary Dreams written by Fred Atkins. We hope to get it on shelves at some stage. Fred has a very unique, zany style. It was a lot of fun to collaborate with him.

Lastly, I recently finished a quirky little three pager for an upcoming issue of Darren Koziol’s DECAY. The story that Darren sent me is honestly my favourite story from any issue of DECAY I’ve seen.
What are some of the comics/cartoonists you've enjoyed in 2013?
Discovering (thanks to Andrez) Lone Wolf and Cub. It’s so addictive. The story is so beautiful in its simplicity, but each new test the protagonists face is so well crafted by Koike, he never repeats himself, each new challenge is so different from the last. It’s a very endearing tale of fatherly love in the most perilous circumstances. And don’t get me started on Kojima’s art.

Locally, I really dug new stuff from Matt Nicholls. His third issue of Collateral was as consistently excellent as its predecessors. His pace is perfect and the tension is really foreboding and palpable. Craig Bruyn exploded onto the scene with the debut issue of From Above which showcases his strengths in writing and art. I thought it was very impressive.

Marvel/DC/Image/etc offered up some treats: FF, Daredevil, Savage Wolverine, Superior Spiderman, Thanos Rising, Infinity, Batman, Batman Black and White, Batman/Superman, Batman Incorporated, Batman and Robin (THAT’S A LOT OF BATMAN), Injustice: Gods Among Men, Superman/Wonderwoman, The Walking Dead, Invincible, Saga, Jupiter’s Legacy, Mind MGMT, Hinterkind, X-O Manowar. A lot of these were hit and miss but all deserved a mention.

What is something non-comics that you have enjoyed in 2013? 

What are you looking forward to in 2014?
Darker Forces: Degeneration and my story in DECAY will be published early in 2014. Andrez and I will have Tales To Admonish 2 landing on shelves sometime. The way we work, you may expect a few issues. That Bulletproof Kid will also be making his first appearance in print early next year. Depending on Arthur’s wrists, we could very well have That Bulletproof Kid 2 out by the end of the year

Mid-year should see the launch of a big fat project I’ve half-jokingly/half seriously dubbed ‘That All Star Bulletproof Kid’. This will feature no fewer than 13 short stories featuring That Bulletproof Kid and his supporting cast buy some of the most amazing creators you could imagine. More details on this soon.

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Armageddon Melbourne 2013

Some of comic folk at Armageddon Melbourne 2013.

All Star Comics

Colin Wilson and Tom Taylor

Colin Wilson sketches Star Wars

Fil Barlow and Helen Maier

Richard Fairgray

Craig Bruyn

Dean Rankine

Matt Kyme, Matthew Nicholls and Ross Stewart

Brent Anderson

Sorab Del Rio

Steve Sparke

Neville Howard and BMB

Saturday, December 29, 2012

2012 in Review: Matt Nicholls

Matt Nicholls

What have been your personal cartooning/comics highlights of 2012?

First I started this year with Debuting my webcomic Collateral, illustrated by my new UK friend Lee Taylor, which was pretty exciting. Then I self published Collateral Dear John Issue one and two later this year, while also debuting another webcomic with a local friend of mine Ross Stewart called Vesper and since I didn't have much else on this year I self published a one shot 12 page comic with local illustrator
Simon Wright called Our Love Will Never Die, But We Will.

Not to mention I tabled at my first and second con this year with Armageddon being the first and the little Oz Horror Con the second.

Who are some of the comics creators that you've discovered and enjoyed for the first time in 2012?

Wow, where to start. I suppose I'll only comment on the ones from this year, even though I'd like to shout out to others. So I wont be mentioning Steve Sparke, Frank Candiloro and Brendan Halyday as we met last year. So I wont be mentioning how awesome they are and how good their work is.

SO to start with this year, I'll have to go with Matt Kyme. His work is awesome and is a great new Superhero webcomic and he's not doing much so he's got The Ace happening as well on the same site. So lazy. He's the webcomic version of Frank Candiloro.

FEC has produced so much work this year it would be hard to mention it all, but you can check it out at FEC Comics
but special mention would have to go out to Kranburn and Great Works.
Zombolette is an ace comic and I love how it isn't a zombie story.

MSG by Andrew Li. I met him once at the Melbourne Comic meet up. He was so quiet and reserve and his comic really deserves a read.

I really want to mention all the local comic scene, not just Melbourne but Australia, but there really is a lot out there.

What is something non-comics that you have enjoyed in 2012?

I loved seeing one of my favourite local bands The Dirty Three again this year. I highly recommend this band. They would have to be in my top two bands I've ever seen live, and seeing them for the second time they did not disappoint.

I also went to Scienceworks this year. I hadn't been since I was at school many moons ago. That place is AWESOME!Go check it out, even if you don't have kids with you it's still ace.
Since I wasn't releasing much this year in the way of comics I renovated my kitchen. It's crazy how much you love your oven when you've gone without one for 12 months.

Have you implemented any significant changes to your working methods this year?

It's amazing how much you learn when working with different artists. I have had to change how I write my scripts to suite different artist. But my working methods tend not to change when I write in my half hour on the train.

What are you looking forward to in 2013?

 Releasing more Collateral Issues and having more Vesper pages out as well as debuting at Supanova and Oz Comic Con. They are the main things. I also wrote a short comic for Brendan Halyday this year as part of the 24 hour challenge, so I'm hoping for that to get finished next year (No pressure Brendan :P)

2012 in Review: Arthur Strickland

  Arthur Strickland

What have been your personal cartooning/comics highlights of 2012?

It would have to be discovering the Ozcomics page on Facebook for sure (Courtesy of Ms Fiona Freestone). It just opened so many doors and helped me meet the most amazing local writers and artists. I had pretty much fallen out of the whole art and comic book scene but this totally re-inspired my passion for drawing. Working with Matt Kyme, Clint Hammill and Darren Close has been  amazing and its so humbling getting such positive feedback from such a talented group of guys.

Who are some of the comics creators that you've discovered and enjoyed for the first time in 2012?

I live in a small town outside of Melbourne so I was really amazed at the comic scene there. So much talent and so many to mention but standouts off the top of my head are Zed Mercury by Steve Boyd, The Dirt Nap by Brendan Halyday, Killeroo by Darren Close, Collateral and 'Our love will never die, but we will' by Matthew Nichols. Frank Candilloro's work Blood across Broadway and Viddy well, Brother is amazing and his style is totally unique. Matt Kyme also released his solo project The Ace which he wrote and illustrated and I was just blown away. We only recently had a comic book store open up in my home town, so I also went back and caught up on old stuff that I'd been meaning to read including- 100 Bullets, Preacher, Kick Ass, The Walking Dead, Lobo, Swamp Thing to name a few. All amazing.

What is something non-comics that you have enjoyed in 2012?
Stephen Kings The Wind Through the Keyhole was delightful. I really loved Prometheus and Cabin in the Woods. Both stand outs. Battlefield 3 expansion packs have also kept that disc almost permanently in my PS3. Music wise I've really enjoyed Noctourniquet by The Mars Volta, Book Burner by Pig Destroyer, the new Testament and Deftones albums were good too. Breaking Bad and Face Off are both television highlights.
Have you implemented any significant changes to your working methods this year?

Too many too mention haha. Since taking on the role of penciler, inker and colourist on That Bulletproof Kid, plus working on a short Killeroo story for Darren Close as well as the odd commission and weekly Ozcomics entries, I'm almost constantly changing and fine tuning work methods and techniques to increase output speed and save time. Inking for example went from digital to pen to dip pen and ink to brush and ink then back to digital (laughs).

What are you looking forward to in 2013?
Really just looking forward to creating more art and stories. I may possibly even have a crack at writing. Matt Kyme and I are also looking into one of his other stories for a possible 2013 release. Being a big gaming fan I'm really looking forward to the next generation of games consoles. I'm expecting them to be mind blowing haha.

Monday, December 24, 2012

2012 in Review: Matt Kyme

Matt Kyme

What have been your personal cartooning/comics highlights of 2012?

In Sept I launched That Bulletproof Kid where I upload my ongoing superhero web comic; That Bulletproof Kid. It’s a full colour comic illustrated by an awesomely talented friend, Arthur Strickland. In October I began uploading a second web comic which I wrote and illustrated called The Ace. In Nov I also uploaded an 8 page story called Secret History which was illustrated by Gareth Colliton and coloured by Joe Roberts.
Who are some of the comics creators that you've discovered and enjoyed for the first time in 2012?

There are sooo many talented people out there! I was totally blown away by Hidden by Mirranda Burton. It was so tender and heartfelt, when you read it you feel as if you are listening to an old friend. I enjoyed the creepy and psychological atmosphere of The List by Paul Bedford. Fred Russell-Atkins had me laughing with his action packed, typo filled Spitfires, McBlack comics by Jason Franks are clever, surprising, genre challenging, 4th wall breaking meta which are a hoot to read. Thomas Tung’s Rent My Seal and Jake Harrison, Relationship Detective are a heap of fun as is High School Romance by Jin Chan Yum Wai. Guzumo by Matt Emery kept me and my high school students entertained and slightly confused.

Endlessly prolific writer, Matt Nicholls delivered 3 amazing comics this year; 2 issues of Collateral and my personal favourite, Our Love Will Never Die But We Will, which has to be the most romantic zombie story ever. Matt also has a wicked web comic called Vesper that is illustrated by Ross Stewart. One of my biggest highlights was discovering work by the amazing Frank Candiloro. His work is something else. His stories are all so different from the last and his artistic style is so original and unmistakable. My favourite of his is Behind The Crooked Cross. It is a harrowing comic which is testing and moving. I should mention the amazing artists and writers that I have been lucky enough to work/collaborate/brainstorm with this year, Franco Pollizzi, Eros Harries, Annerleigh Pappos, Gareth Colliton, Joe Roberts, Simon Wright, Steve Partridge, Andrew Fitzgerald and Arthur Strickland.

What is something non-comics that you have enjoyed in 2012?

My wife and two kids are a heap of fun. We have had a heap of laughs together this year and I’m very lucky to have them. Outside of family stuff, I’m really digging the new albums by The Cribs and Cat Power. I finally gave into peer pressure and started watching Breaking Bad. The new series of The Walking Dead has been great. Avengers and Batman movies were really cool. I liked The Artist and Argo too. My kids have discovered The Aquabats Supershow which is super rad. That Kony video was good. The world not ending was pretty good too.

Have you implemented any significant changes to your working methods this year?

Pretty much everything is new this year.  I did all the art for The Ace (my first ever comic) after I finished writing it and it drained my life. I enjoyed writing it far more than illustrating it so I decided that from now on I would avoid doing comic art like it was the plague. The only thing I enjoy as much as writing comics is getting fresh pages of art in my inbox. Working with Arthur of That Bulletproof Kid is a dream. I give him some rough sketches when I send him the scripts. It’s up to him if he wants to use them or not. I have never had any complaints with his pages, the dude knows how to draw and I love his colours! As far as my working methods go, I have sketchbooks with ideas and design/sketches all over the place, I have files with all my random ideas for stories/plots and characters,  a file with the rough story lines and a separate file where I type out the finished scripts. I do a heap of cutting and pasting, tweaking, refining, reading, re-reading etc before I send the scripts off top the artists. Did that put you to sleep?

What are you looking forward to in 2013?

I look forward to working with Arthur on That Bulletproof Kid and perhaps some other projects. I look forward to meeting more creators and discovering their work. I hope the new Superman movie is good. I don’t know what else will be on the cards next year, just have to hold on tight and see what happens.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

2012 in Review: Frank Candiloro

Frank Candiloro 

What have been your personal cartooning/comics highlights of 2012?

It’s been a big year for me comics wise – I’ve managed to put out 4 books ranging from 30-70 pages each, had a number of interviews and positive write-ups of my work, was involved in Big Arse 2, got featured in Best Art Ever on Comics Alliance a few times, Brian Michael Bendis bought one of my books.… it’s been very encouraging to say the least :P

But if I had to name one major highlight, it would be finally putting out Behind The Crooked Cross; it was something that I wanted to do for a long time and was reluctant to do so since it was a World War II story and it being so different to the comics I usually make. I'm glad that I stepped out of my comfort zone and made something that was very difficult and emotionally exhausting to create. In the long run, I think it paid off. I think it’s my best work to date. 

Who are some of the comics creators that you've discovered and enjoyed for the first time in 2012?

It’s been a big year for Image Comics, and in particular their reboot of Prophet was something of an eye-opener for me; it made me discover the work of Brandon Graham, Giannis Milonogiannis and Simon Roy. They each have different and unique styles but also work quite well together, delivering an awesome, dream-like sci-fi environment, reminiscent of Moebius. Another highlight was discovering some of the old stories that Steve Ditko wrote and drew, such as Mr A, the H. Series and Avenging World, reflecting his objectivist views. It just re-affirmed how great of an artist the man is.

Regarding the local comic scene I discovered a lot of great artists who I had known of for a while but had never sought out their comics until this year. People like Tim Molloy, Scarlette Baccini, Peter Foster, Fil Barlow, Matt Kyme and Matt Nicholls did some superb work this year, among many others, and it’s pretty inspiring.

What is something non-comics that you have enjoyed in 2012?

I went on a trip to the US in July, and stayed a while in New York. I had always been interested and influenced by New York culture and it was an amazing, stimulating city, with so much character and history. The Museum of Modern Art, Greenwich Village, Grand Central, Broadway, Little Italy, I could have stayed there for a year and not get enough of the place; it made me think about a new direction for my future comics. It’s inspired me to make a story about it, which should be out at the end of 2013. 

Have you implemented any significant changes to your working methods this year?

I realised that if I wanted to make at least 4 comics a year, I’d have to get a lot more stringent about my creative process. So I decided that I’d draw for 6 hours each night, whether it be comic pages or just random artwork if I’ve completed a comic. It’s important that you’re always making art no matter what it is or how terrible you believe it may be.

I also decided that I’d begin writing the next comic while finishing the current comic I’d be doing. It’s not because I want to speed up the creative process, but simply that I have a lot of ideas for future books, and writing them down in script form ensures that I’ll get around to making them.

What are you looking forward to in 2013?

Naturally I’m looking forward to putting out more books, and also to see how much more the local comic scene grows. It’s still fairly small but the overall quality of the books is vastly improving, so I think there are bright days ahead. Here’s to many more great comics.