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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

2012 in Review: Brent Willis

Brent Willis

 What have been your personal cartooning/comics highlights of 2012?
Starting my zine (Wark) and getting three issues out within my self-imposed deadlines would be my main achievement this year. Also being at two very successful zinefests in Auckland and Wellington, both very well organised and profitable.

Who are some of the comics creators that you've discovered and enjoyed for the first time in 2012?
In March this year there was an exhibition showcasing the works of some very young Wellington comic makers producing some very original and imaginative comics. Watch out for the names of Esther Galloway, Zora Patrick, Theo MacDonald, Sadie Galloway, Joel Spencer, and Michael Sanders. They are already highly prolific and are going to be making significant comics in the future.

What is something non-comics that you have enjoyed in 2012?

Have been enjoying watching Breaking Bad, Embarrassing bodies and anything involving Guy Williams (officially the funniest guy on television at he moment). Haven't seen any memorable new movies this year but at last I have got to see Tokyo Gore Police and For Your Height Only. Favorite music at the moment is the box set of the almost entire collected works of the legendary post-punk-prog-rock group This Heat, (Google them you must.) which I bought for just one dollar from the library when they were doing their annual collection cull. One dollar!? What were they thinking?  And I also had a really nice holiday in Brisbane too.

Have you implemented any significant changes to your working methods this year?

I still pretty much work the same way as I've always done, although due to my limited spare time, I have stopped doing long comics and I'm just doing shorter stories so can make the two-monthly deadline for Wark. And I bought a small foldable table to draw on, so now I don't have to draw on a piece of paper on a thick book balanced on my lap like I have done for the last twenty years or so.

What are you looking forward to in 2013?

Doing more comics, More issues of Wark, and doing something for Pikitia Press. Each new year is like a blank piece paper.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Comics Generation

Comics Generation is an exhibition featuring six young Wellington artist/writers showing their comic books and zines at Thistle Hall Gallery 28-31 March.

The artists- Esther Galloway, Sadie Galloway, Zora Patrick, Joel Spencer, Michael Sanders and Theo MacDonald- range in age from five to 17. Using a variety of methods and approaches to visual story telling they have invented SpaceCats and Skate Rats, delved into experimental cookery, created poetry from a cat's point of view, and reinvented fairy tales and television shows.

Theo Macdonald

I interviewed Comics Generation curator Claire Harris via email about the upcoming exhibition.

What was the impetus behind holding Comics Generation?

Paul Sanders (the writer of Spacecat Adventures, a comic he makes with his son Michael) approached me in my role as an organiser for NZCC to see if I could suggest other comic book makers he and Michael could hold a group exhibition with. I already had a special interest in comics and zines made by children and teenagers, so volunteered to curate a group exhibition of work by Michael and other young comics and zine makers.

Michael Sanders

Are there any common themes among the work of the participating artists?

One commonality that strikes me is the use of mashed-up references from their own reading and viewing, ranging from blatant cribbing of jokes and art styles, to more subtle allusions and reflection on their own media consumption. There is also an autobiographical theme to some of the work, and a vivid sense that work is grounded in the experience and personality of the artists.

Are any of the participating artists second generation zine/comic creators?

Yes. Michael Sanders co-produces 'SpaceCat Adventures' with his dad Paul. Ester and Sadie Galloway are the daughters of Bryce Galloway, the artist behind the long running zine 'Incredibly Hot Sex With Hideous People'. I'd say with a fair certainty that all artists involved have at least one parent who is a comic fan, or at least was supportive enough to photocopy their comics for them.

 Zora Patrick

Are there currently any dedicated zine stockist's in Wellington?

No, sadly. However the Wellington City Library has an excellent zine collection, and Graphic Comic shop stocks the work of the artists in Comics Generation.

How did you go about finding the artist's involved with Comics Generation?

The artists have all previously self-published comics and/or zines. I had become aware of their work through either distributing their comics through NZCC, or by seeing their work at Wellington Zinefest. Comics Generation recognises the accomplishment these six young artist have already made.

Joel Spencer

Is there much support or scene for young zine/comic makers in Wellington?

As far as I know Comics Generation is the first attempt to bring a group of young zine and comics makers together to exhibit, and I hope it brings about some collaborations or ongoing mentoring. Local comic shop Graphic is usually very supportive when it comes to stocking comics by young people. There are also opportunities for young zine and comics makers to distribute their work through art/craft markets and the annual Wellington Zinefest.