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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

2014 Sticky Zine Fair

Blurry out-of-focus poorly lit photos of some comic people at the 2014 Sticky Zine Fair.

 David Blumenstein and Anthony Woodward


More People

 Andrew Fulton

 Ive Sorocuk and Alex E Clark

 Jase Harper

 David Blumenstein

 Myles Loughran

 Frank Candiloro

 Phil Bentley

 Marc Pearson

 Michael Fikaris

 Simon Hanselmann

 Michael Hawkins

 Grant Gronewald

 Chris O'Brien and Joanna Anderson

Sam Wallman

David C Mahler

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Sunday Gem: Advice Comics




Need advice? Consult some of Melbourne's top advice columnists via the wonderful medium of comics.

Sally is due to start high school next year, her mum’s boyfriend often refers to her as an ‘old soul’ as she feels deeply and completely for all things. If asked, she identifies as a ‘professional empathe’ which her grandma feels is very mature. Her two all time favourite things are dogs and the colour blue.

Dr. Entrails, Ph.D. specializes in pediatrics, neurosurgery and trepanation. He is also the host of the children’s saturday morning television program, Dr. Entrails and Friends.
Mulbert was abandoned mere seconds after his birth. His parents had been expecting a girl, not a moose, and this would not be the last time he would disappoint a group of strangers. To quote his doctor, Mulbert’s life has been “medically regrettable”. He spent his first few years of orphanhood squatting sleeplessly inside a Time Crisis II arcade machine, his tiny hooves perpetually up in bewildered surrender. For a while he tried masquerading as a hypertrichotic Vietnam veteran named ‘Gubers’, but his pension never came through. His roommate recently got him a job at Cosmo’s Deli, which was cool of him, but still Mulbert wakes up most days acheing, sore from modest dreams, wondering how to get from point A to point B if you never learned to spell.
Mr. Ray is one of the most influential and important names in contemporary Australian poetry. His long-awaited new book Aghh, I Don’t Know If I Can Do This Again Vol. 2 is out this Christmas through Mouthwhisp & Whimperman. Ray Lives in Melbourne, Australia with his dog.
Because of what he is, Boyfriend brings a perspective external to general human experience. But don’t think he can’t empathize with you or he doesn’t care. The events of your life mean more to him than anything.

Monday, December 2, 2013

Paper Trail

Boy's Own adventure by Tony Thorne in Demons.

WIP: Jase Harper's Awk Wood.

Preview of Roger Langridge's L'il Ernie.

Preview for new comic from Katie Parrish.

A lengthy post on T.C. Denne’s soft drink and ice cream business by Darian Zam.

Recreation of a mid-1960s hand screen-printed poster for the Peter Pan Dazzle, by Bob Godfrey.

Philip Bentley has released a his comics memoirs A Life in Comics available from Second Shore.  Phil has been involved for much of the past 50 years with the Australian comics scene through fandom, retailing, writing and publishing. More info on A Life in Comics – a personal history of comics in Australia 1960-1990 here.

Phil also recently announced the end of his Australian comics publication Word Balloons.

"With the release of A Life in Comics it seems an appropriate time to draw a line under the publication of Word Balloons. It was not my intention from the outset to conclude its run here, but anyone who has been following the magazine’s trajectory will have seen that its frequency has slowed over the years. This is just the natural consequence of producing an work as labour of love. Eventually enthusiasm will run out. I had thought that perhaps at the end of producing the book I would feel energised and be enthusiastic about getting back into WB, but the opposite has been true, so I very much feel it is time to move on"

Back issues of Word Balloons can be purchased from Second Shore.

Emmet O'Cuana reviews Home Brew Vampire Bullets #0.

Eleri Mai Harris made a beautiful comic for the 2013 Caravan of Comics TCAF excursion.

Gallery of New Zealand reprint comics at The Library of American Comics Blog.

The Dominion Post profiles Murray Webb.

Simon Hanselmann's 2013 CAB report.

Daniel Best announces a Keith Chatto ebook biography.

Neale Blanden diagrams the Melbourne Comics Community.

Jem Yoshioka writes about the recent Women's Cartoon colloquium in Wellington.

Sarah Laing's commentary on the Women's Cartoon colloquium.

David Mahler writes about Marc Pearson.

Have you ordered your SAVAGE BITCH?

 Stephen A. Russell profiles Art Spiegelman for The Age prior to his recent Australian visit.

Paper Trail masthead courtesy of Toby Morris.