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Sunday, March 30, 2014

20 Comics You Can Buy From The Sticky Institute Right Now

The following sweet comic jams are currently at The Sticky Institute,10 Campbell Arcade, Degraves Subway, Melbourne.


 Refugee Art Project Zine #3 - The Cartoons of Mohammad

 Refugee Art Project Zine #2 - Tribute to Ahmad Ali Jafari

 Rufugee Art Project Zine #4 - Murtaza Ali Jafari

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

2014 Sticky Zine Fair

Blurry out-of-focus poorly lit photos of some comic people at the 2014 Sticky Zine Fair.

 David Blumenstein and Anthony Woodward


More People

 Andrew Fulton

 Ive Sorocuk and Alex E Clark

 Jase Harper

 David Blumenstein

 Myles Loughran

 Frank Candiloro

 Phil Bentley

 Marc Pearson

 Michael Fikaris

 Simon Hanselmann

 Michael Hawkins

 Grant Gronewald

 Chris O'Brien and Joanna Anderson

Sam Wallman

David C Mahler

Sunday, January 19, 2014

12 Comics You Can Buy Right Now From Polyester Books!

Part one of a series of irregular posts spotlighting comics with blurry photos that you can buy from various places. The following comics are a sample of the shelves in Polyester Books 'World's Freakiest Bookstore', 330 Brunswick St, Fitzroy Melbourne.