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Saturday, August 10, 2013

Paper Trail

That time New Zealand Prime Minister Robert Muldoon met Spider-man.

White Fungus to be distributed nationwide in New Zealand through Gordon and Gotch. White Fungus have featured some fine comics over the years including work by Barry Linton and Tim Bollinger. The latest issue features a 20 page comic by Tim Bollinger.

Gorgeous short run Toby Morris screenprint available from Papertrail Prints.

Bob Temuka writes about comic collecting and maintaining a comic collection in New Zealand.

Eagle comics reprint of Judge Dredd, The Judge Child Quest, one of the last comics I recall being advertised on New Zealand television.

Darian Zam writes about New Zealand illustrator Alison Fyfe.

Lane Ashfield interviews Rachel Fenton.

Excerpt from Daniel Best's The 1955 Romance Comics Trial ebook.

Roger Langridge draws a couple takes of Jason Paulo's Hairbutt the Hippo.

Roger shares some Fin Fang Four roughs and character designs.

Sarah Laing hangs with Katherine Mansfield.

Silent Army photos from Tim Danko's Once launch.

MVH still killing it at DIE POPULAR.

Photography not comics by Andy Conlan.

In between producing several comics series' Richard Fairgray with regular collaborators Tara Black and Terry Jones have created a children's picture book, Morgan, the Moreporks and the Moon.


2013 Winter edition of Roomers #53 free from readings Bookshops in Melbourne features a harrowing tale of bathing in rooming houses, Postcards from the Gatwick, by Wendy Butler.

Benjamin Constantine gallery at Juxtapoz.

Russ Radcliffe, editor of Dirt Files:A Decade of Best Political Cartoons, and Professor John Uhr from the School of Politics and International Relations at ANU, review 10 years in Australian politics through cartoons.

Simon Hanselmann is selling a pile of Truth Zone original pages and previews his forthcoming comic from Space Face books.

Paper Trail masthead courtesy of Toby Morris.

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Paper Trail

A gem from Cakeburger.

The Caravan of Comics makes it's way to the Fantagraphics bookstore and gallery this weekend for presentations and a screening of Graphic Novels! Melbourne!.

Caravan members recently guested on Dans Ta Bulle podcast.

Meredith Van Halen writes about decontextualisation on tumblr.

Tim Danko has a Pozible campaign for Tim Danko's Comic Book.

The steamrolling monster of  Ladies Auxiliary Night at Squishface studios in Melbourne happens again at the end of this month with Ceili Braidwood and Lauren Hills and Sophie Parsons Cope (aka Soufex).

Have you looked at Moonbeard yet?

Parker and Emdin's Time Toilet.

Darien Zam writes about an obscure New Zealand confectionery brand.

Sarah Laing shares her recent contribution to the Nga Pakiwaituhi NZ comic exhibition.

Interview with Darren Koziol at The Australian Comics Journal.

 Australian comics Kevin Patrick interview excerpt with the State Library of Victoria.

Frank and Becky are part of a kickstarter campaign to fund publication of a Capture Creatures hardcover.

Alice Online reviews Joshua Santospirito's The Long Weekend.

To round things out, a series of covers from Australia editions of Harvey Comics' Mazie from 1955. Mazie was published in Australia by three series from  Magazine Management, Jubilee Publications and Approved Publications. Cover artwork is likely the work of prolific Harvey artist Warren Kremer (June 26, 1921 – July 24, 2003). Kremer was the creator of or helped refine many of the most well known Harvey characters, including Casper the Ghost, Hot Stuff, Joe Palooka, Little Audrey, Little Max, Richie Rich, and Stumbo the Giant.