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Sunday, December 22, 2013

Sunday Gem: Unblemished Record: The Flawless Reign of Bernard Roundhill

 “Auckland In The Year 2000″, artwork for Winstone’s promotional book centrefold, 1956, is Roundhill’s most famous illustration. Image courtesy of Museum of New Zealand Te Papa Tongarewa, Reg: CA000659/001/0001 (Yoinked from Long White Kid)
Pull up a hot coffee and get comfortable with a colossal image filled post from Darian Zam on the work of one of New Zealand's most successful commercial artists Bernie Roundhill.

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Paper Trail

That time New Zealand Prime Minister Robert Muldoon met Spider-man.

White Fungus to be distributed nationwide in New Zealand through Gordon and Gotch. White Fungus have featured some fine comics over the years including work by Barry Linton and Tim Bollinger. The latest issue features a 20 page comic by Tim Bollinger.

Gorgeous short run Toby Morris screenprint available from Papertrail Prints.

Bob Temuka writes about comic collecting and maintaining a comic collection in New Zealand.

Eagle comics reprint of Judge Dredd, The Judge Child Quest, one of the last comics I recall being advertised on New Zealand television.

Darian Zam writes about New Zealand illustrator Alison Fyfe.

Lane Ashfield interviews Rachel Fenton.

Excerpt from Daniel Best's The 1955 Romance Comics Trial ebook.

Roger Langridge draws a couple takes of Jason Paulo's Hairbutt the Hippo.

Roger shares some Fin Fang Four roughs and character designs.

Sarah Laing hangs with Katherine Mansfield.

Silent Army photos from Tim Danko's Once launch.

MVH still killing it at DIE POPULAR.

Photography not comics by Andy Conlan.

In between producing several comics series' Richard Fairgray with regular collaborators Tara Black and Terry Jones have created a children's picture book, Morgan, the Moreporks and the Moon.


2013 Winter edition of Roomers #53 free from readings Bookshops in Melbourne features a harrowing tale of bathing in rooming houses, Postcards from the Gatwick, by Wendy Butler.

Benjamin Constantine gallery at Juxtapoz.

Russ Radcliffe, editor of Dirt Files:A Decade of Best Political Cartoons, and Professor John Uhr from the School of Politics and International Relations at ANU, review 10 years in Australian politics through cartoons.

Simon Hanselmann is selling a pile of Truth Zone original pages and previews his forthcoming comic from Space Face books.

Paper Trail masthead courtesy of Toby Morris.

Friday, March 29, 2013

Paper Trail

Pretty much everything Darian Zam posts on Long White Kid is fascinating to me and in many cases tangentially related to New Zealand cartooning. This recent post on establishing dates for a set of cards showcases some beautiful work done for the Four Square Supermarket chain.

Paintings of Garrick Tremain.

Lemuel Lyes writes about George Patrick Hanna.

The New Zealand unofficial cartoonist (Lieutenant G. Pat Hanna) enlivens the walls of the officers club. Royal New Zealand Returned and Services’ Association : New Zealand official negatives, World War 1914-1918. Ref: 1/2-012806-G. Alexander Turnbull Library, Wellington, New Zealand.

 Katie Parrish.

Bob hates Captain Sunshine!

A favourite of my mispent youth, David Tulloch and Simon Morse's Straitjacket Ninja.

The massive 230 page anthology Blood and Thunder #2 is three-fifths of the way to its Pozible campaign target with six days to go. Still time to get on board what is likely to be the most beautiful risograph produced publication this year. Pozible here.

Michael Hawkins previews part of his 22 page contribution to Blood and Thunder #2.

The New Zealand Roz Chast? MVH still spilling sardonic wit all over tumblr.

Paul Briske writes about Oz Comic Con Adelaide 2013

Allan Holtz writes about the syndicated work of Australian cartoonist Allan "Sols" Salisbury.

Zen Pencils in Russian.

Clementine Hetherington walks into a place that closely resembles Pikitia Press central.

Paul Mason writes about the Adelaide and Perth Oz Comic Cons.

Angelo Madrid's Freedom too Offend.

Desktop interviews Reg Mombassa.

Pat Oliphant to be honored at AAEC convention in Salt Lake City.

Emmett O'Cuana interviews Emma Jean.

The Knowledge Club of Melbourne are heading to Squishface Studios.

Six page preview of Jason Paulos' EEEK! #8

A recent CBLDF article that made the rounds of comics link bloggers pulled some of the best bits from an article on censorship in Australian comics by Daniel Best. Read the more detailed original here.

Paper Trail masthead courtesy of Toby Morris.