Saturday, August 10, 2013

Paper Trail

That time New Zealand Prime Minister Robert Muldoon met Spider-man.

White Fungus to be distributed nationwide in New Zealand through Gordon and Gotch. White Fungus have featured some fine comics over the years including work by Barry Linton and Tim Bollinger. The latest issue features a 20 page comic by Tim Bollinger.

Gorgeous short run Toby Morris screenprint available from Papertrail Prints.

Bob Temuka writes about comic collecting and maintaining a comic collection in New Zealand.

Eagle comics reprint of Judge Dredd, The Judge Child Quest, one of the last comics I recall being advertised on New Zealand television.

Darian Zam writes about New Zealand illustrator Alison Fyfe.

Lane Ashfield interviews Rachel Fenton.

Excerpt from Daniel Best's The 1955 Romance Comics Trial ebook.

Roger Langridge draws a couple takes of Jason Paulo's Hairbutt the Hippo.

Roger shares some Fin Fang Four roughs and character designs.

Sarah Laing hangs with Katherine Mansfield.

Silent Army photos from Tim Danko's Once launch.

MVH still killing it at DIE POPULAR.

Photography not comics by Andy Conlan.

In between producing several comics series' Richard Fairgray with regular collaborators Tara Black and Terry Jones have created a children's picture book, Morgan, the Moreporks and the Moon.


2013 Winter edition of Roomers #53 free from readings Bookshops in Melbourne features a harrowing tale of bathing in rooming houses, Postcards from the Gatwick, by Wendy Butler.

Benjamin Constantine gallery at Juxtapoz.

Russ Radcliffe, editor of Dirt Files:A Decade of Best Political Cartoons, and Professor John Uhr from the School of Politics and International Relations at ANU, review 10 years in Australian politics through cartoons.

Simon Hanselmann is selling a pile of Truth Zone original pages and previews his forthcoming comic from Space Face books.

Paper Trail masthead courtesy of Toby Morris.

Sunday, August 4, 2013

NZ Comics, Cartoons + Art Sunday Gallery

In an effort to keep up while I'm traveling and in deadline hell over the next couple months expect some image heavy posts.

A couple Dylan Horrocks book covers for Victoria University Press. (Via Dylan's FB)

Roy Hunt depicts a NZ Christmas from The New Zealand Freelance Christmas Annual 1919. (Via Papers Past)

Roger Langridge draws Usagi & Fred for the Baltimore Comic Con fundraiser auction. (via Hotel Fred)

Colin Wilson Dredd/Rogue Trooper commission.

Picturesque Fairlie illustrations from Korero magazine May 8th, 1944 artist unknown.

Series of three John Kent illustrations of Margaret Thatcher and John Bull for BBC Newsnight. (Via The Political Cartoon Society)

Ben Stenbeck pencil drawing from 2003 (Via Monsters and Stuff)

Preview of Tim Molloy's limited edition mini The Origins Of The Sect Of The Bleeding Eye available at Tim's Strange Pageant exhibition.

Crime serial Stephen Clark from by Harry Bennett from The new Supreme Feature Comics #2 circa late '40s.

James Davidson previews pages from Moa #4 (via Moa Blog)

Everyday Life Can Be Pretty Interesting Stuff - 14th June 2013

Pictures from art show at Signal following a five week course for young cartoonists in Melbourne. Michael Fikaris and Kieran Mangan comic below excerpted from a 100 page anthology produced over the five weeks. Guest tutors included: Mandy Ord, Michael Fikaris, Sam Wallman, Simon Hanselmann, Kieran Mangan, and Stewart Cole. Everyday Life Can Be Pretty Interesting Stuff and many other fine comics are available from the Silent Army Storeroom.

Yashar Hosseini

M P Fikaris

The Shadow - Frew Comics

Covers above from the initial series of the Shadow, initially drawn by Jeff Wilkinson  with Peter Chapman concluding the run of 12 issues. Frew relaunched The Shadow in 1952 with Peter Chapman drawing 168 issues. Selection of covers from the second series featured below.