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Monday, February 17, 2014

Paper Trail


Trailer for Connie Radar short film

Jem Yoshioka on tumblr.

Robert Virtue writes about the 2014 Parkes Comics Fest, that happened a couple days ago at the Parkes Library and I'm posting late because the links pile up in no discernible order and it's hard to keep on top of things.

Dr Matt Finch and Tracie Mauro from the Parkes Shire Library. (Pic yoinked from

INTERVIEW: Mary Tamblyn

 - Vibrations (after Fiona Wright)


Graphic! Novels! Melbourne! available on DVD.

Lauren Maier reviews Rooster Tails

Bruce Mutard - Microaviary (after A. Frances Johnson)


Garrick Tremain on cartoon censorship.

Paper Trail masthead courtesy of Toby Morris.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Paper Trail

Aaron Hawkins interviews Spencer Hall.

Melbourne launch for The Long weekend in Alice Springs at 8pm May 30th Readings, Carlton.

Nat Karmichael writes about the comics of his childhood and the 50th anniversay of the publication of John Dixon's Air Hawk.

Christian Pearce blog.

ENDLESS MANSION featuring Simon Hanselmann and HTML FLOWERS opens may 30th at galeria watdafac, Madrid, Spain. Pre-order catalogues here.

Danny Stanley comics.

Chromacon comic art competition winners.

Amy Louise Maynard reviews Mirranda Burton's Hidden.

 David C Mahler's My True Love (Not for Kiddies).

Good luck to Jason Chatfield this weekend hosting the 67th Annual Reuben Awards.

Elf-Fin Trailer.

Before they stuffed her in a yellow leotard and cat whiskers, Ruth Atkinson's creation, Patsy Walker was the star of popular teen comics. Here's a pile of Australia editions of Patsy Walker, all conforming to the A.G.P. teenage code of approved reading.

Paper Trail masthead courtesy of Toby Morris.