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Sunday, June 23, 2013


Pics from the comics fair held on the last day of the Fleshtonez exhibition at Paradise Hills in Melbourne.

David C. Mahler

Jnr Blue

Michael Hawkins and Katie Parrish

Marc Pearson

Lee Lai

Simon Hanselmann


Michael P Fikaris

Emily Hasselhoof

Michael Hawkins

HTML Flowers

Katie Parrish

Marc Pearson

Michael Hawkins

David C. Mahler

My haul from the comics fair. Turning up early pays off kids, I was very pleased to score Blood & Thunder #1 and Pat Ausilio's Marvel Comics Presents. (There were only 2 copies of each there!)

Stopped off at an op shop in a church hall along the way. They had this cool painting of Jesus and his pals from 1939. The church guy told me he found it out the back of the church a while ago and thought he should hang it up.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Paper Trail

Aaron Hawkins interviews Spencer Hall.

Melbourne launch for The Long weekend in Alice Springs at 8pm May 30th Readings, Carlton.

Nat Karmichael writes about the comics of his childhood and the 50th anniversay of the publication of John Dixon's Air Hawk.

Christian Pearce blog.

ENDLESS MANSION featuring Simon Hanselmann and HTML FLOWERS opens may 30th at galeria watdafac, Madrid, Spain. Pre-order catalogues here.

Danny Stanley comics.

Chromacon comic art competition winners.

Amy Louise Maynard reviews Mirranda Burton's Hidden.

 David C Mahler's My True Love (Not for Kiddies).

Good luck to Jason Chatfield this weekend hosting the 67th Annual Reuben Awards.

Elf-Fin Trailer.

Before they stuffed her in a yellow leotard and cat whiskers, Ruth Atkinson's creation, Patsy Walker was the star of popular teen comics. Here's a pile of Australia editions of Patsy Walker, all conforming to the A.G.P. teenage code of approved reading.

Paper Trail masthead courtesy of Toby Morris.

Monday, January 28, 2013

Paper Trail

Some of this edition of Paper Trail goes back a few months as I play catch up with old bookmarks and various scraps of paper.

Jerome Bihan interviews contributors to his Radio As Paper anthology on the Awry Comics blog. Tim Danko here and Ralphi here.

Peter Jetnikoff reviews Graphic Novels! Melbourne!. Emmett O'Cuana reviews the Melbourne comics scene doco here.

Graphic Novels! Melbourne! Co-film maker Bernard Caleo writes about his serialised mini comic Mongrel and taking Graphic Novels! Melbourne! international.

Bernard Caleo portrait by Gina Kalabishis

Sam Wallman previews work from his forthcoming Australian history anthology.

Html Flowers shares pages of Bright Threadz #2 here and here.

  Chris Slane reveals the truth about comics and art.

Sam Wallman discovers the work of mid nineteenth century Melbourne artist Edward Wilson in the National Library of Victoria here.

Roger Langridge shares his cover design process for the last issue of IDW's Popeye.

Lunchtime monster portraits from Toby Morris

Bruce Mutard previews his contribution to the multiple artist, Jason Franks written The Sixsmiths vol. 2.

The Watcha podcast review a pile of 'fun' Australian comics.

Sam Orchard is in the last few days of an original art sale here.

Joshua Santospirito shares his design process for the cover of his forthcoming graphic novel The Long Weekend in Alice Springs.

Steve Holland at Bear Alley shares The Vulture, a parody of The Eagle from the pages of mid twentieth century English magazine, Lilliput. The Vulture features work by Australian cartoonist Arthur Horner, later the creator of Colonel Pewter which ran from 1952 to 1970, in England and Australia. The complete 18 year run of Colonel Pewter featured in Melbourne's The Age.

Parenting cartoons, The Little Things, by Peter Lole and Matt Lawrey.

Ness at Aggressive Comics interviews Tim Molloy.

FEC Comics feature on Guy Fi podcast

 FEC Men Steve Sparke and BMB

Go buy some Clayton Noone and Stefan Neville comics here.

Simon Hanselmann shares some more pages from his forthcoming anthology Victoria Drugs Scene. Sam Gaskin in conversation with Simon Hanselmann here. Robin O'Connell talks to Hanselmann on Inkstuds.

Jason Franks writes about his series McBlack.

Coming up from the Pikitia Press blog WIP folder:

Illustrations of Wynne W Davies.

Ray Wenban's The Story of ANZAC

 Underground Comix in Australia

More Russian illustration and cartooning.

Nevile Lodge and "Convoice".