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Friday, December 13, 2013

2013 in Review: Joshua Santospirito

What have been your personal cartooning/comics highlights of 2013?
Well ... publishing the feature-length graphic novel/comic/sequential art thing - The Long Weekend in Alice Springs was the biggest highlight. That was pretty rad. Did a bunch of launches ... and was pleasantly surprised to find that some people actually read it! And BOUGHT it!! So that was pretty freaking great. You can check it out at 

I had about five launches in different places - the Alice Springs one was the best! It was in Watch This Space gallery - and the launch was on the same night as the exhibition opening - there was sooo many people there - it was slightly insane. Craig San Roque (the bloke who wrote the original essay) was the MC, and did the catering based on the themes of the book (he did it quite well actually, I didn’t know he could cook - man of many talents) and there was guests of honour. It was very exciting to see the excitement in the town, especially given the content of the book is so raw and difficult. 
 The other thing that I'm finding really fun is publishing comics by other artists here in Tassie that I think are really interesting - its a curated-type project I've called Down There. A different artist does a booklet with each issue: I did the first issue in July (Sleuth: there's somethin rotten on the Apple Isle) to get the ball rolling whilst I asked a few other people to contribute - the next issue is by Tricky Walsh which (at time of writing) will launched in the next fortnight - December 2013. It's called Hoppers 1: the 'manias. It's a totally different experience publishing other people's comics and I love what she's made. Next year there will DOWN THERE comics by Tom OHern (a nutter from Hobart, really - google him - he's great), Gary Chaloner (who now belongs to Taswegia, hands off) and Lindsay Arnold (old comics guru, jazz drummer extraordinaire). Watch out for future issues through San Kessto Publications (my wife and I also started this publishing venture this year). 

What are some of the comics you've enjoyed in 2013?
I just read The Encyclopedia of Early Earth by Isabel Greenberg - it charmed my pants off. I am currently naked from the belt down. 

I read Alex: The Years Have Pants by Eddie Campbell - he’s just ... he’s ... I ... oh stuff it - it’s good. Real good stuff. 

Myself and a few other blokes in Hobart have started a Graphic Novels reading book group where we meet up every two months and eat chips and talk about a specifically chosen book that we all read - it’s really fun! Just last time we read Jason’s Athos in America. That guy is really great. Such a strong visual language which has such amazing effect. 

I reread Hicksville by Dylan Horrocks ... I read that every year though. It’s important to read that at least once a year. I hope you do too. 

What is something non-comics that you have enjoyed in 2013?  
Dark MOFO: The Winter festival in Hobart - was OUTSTANDING!!!
Particularly Ryoki Ikeda’s Spectra - which was this public art “sculpture” which involved 49 lights beaming up 15 kilometres into the sky at the Anzac Memorial in Hobart, allll night long. The whole town came to life at night-time, there was little kids up way past their bedtime running between the lights throughout that beautiful sound installation that made it seem like there was a UFO landing ... and there was hundreds of people HUNDREDS - just standing there at midnight, in the pouring rain, staring up into the sky in wonder. Every night for a whole 10 days!! it was really great! Amazing to see a whole town come out of its shell. Art can bring people together (aww). But the whole festival was a bit like that - come down next Winter! 

I finally watched the film “Wake In Fright” ... don’t know why it took me so long. Possibly the best film I’ve seen from Australia. 

What are you looking forward to in 2014?
I’m looking forward to getting cracking on my next medium-length project which I haven’t quite named yet - but it involves some history of my hometown of Melbourne and my family’s interaction with the city - the Aeolians who came in the 1890’s. It’s based on my Dad’s research into his father’s life - which was really fun to read. Hopefully it works well as a comic. I’ll keep ya’ll up to date as best I can.

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Mini Paper Trails

Mini paper trails this week 'cause I'm busy as all heck.

Profile of World War One cartoonist William Dobson.

The June/July issue of the Lifted Brow is out with a stunning cover by Ben C and featured comics by Simon Hanselmann, HTMLflowers, Katie Parrish, Noel Freibert, Leonie Brialey, Ben Juers, Lashna Tuschewski and David C Mahler. Buy a copy here.

Photos from Monsters exhibition at M2 (facebook gallery).

Jason Paulos at Monsters

Mat Tait's adaption of Wagner's The Flying Dutchman is completed and online in fourteen parts.

Ronnie Scott reviews Joshua Santospirito's and Craig San Roque's A long Weekend in Alice Springs.

Animated film, Shelved, featuring designs by Greg Broadmore, more info here.


Paul Tumey writes about the influence of the work Australian born English cartoonist H. M. Bateman. Tumey has just started a great column, Framed! at TCJ, started with a serialised look at early work of Jack Cole.

Roger Langridge interviewed at A Moment of Cerebus. (Hat-tip Jason Winter)

Bob Kerr has posted details and samples of his paintings of the Waihi gold strike of 1912 and a series of exhibitions in New Zealand.

John Dixon covers from the golden age of Australian comics.


Paper Trail masthead courtesy of Toby Morris.

Monday, June 10, 2013

The Long Weekend in Alice Springs Melbourne Launch

Photos from the well attended Melbourne launch of Joshua Santospirito and Craig San Roque's The Long Weekend in Alice Springs.

Bernard Caleo and Josh Santospirito

Josh Santospirito


Josh Santospirito

Bernard Caleo and Peter Foster

Joshua Santospirito

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Paper Trail

Aaron Hawkins interviews Spencer Hall.

Melbourne launch for The Long weekend in Alice Springs at 8pm May 30th Readings, Carlton.

Nat Karmichael writes about the comics of his childhood and the 50th anniversay of the publication of John Dixon's Air Hawk.

Christian Pearce blog.

ENDLESS MANSION featuring Simon Hanselmann and HTML FLOWERS opens may 30th at galeria watdafac, Madrid, Spain. Pre-order catalogues here.

Danny Stanley comics.

Chromacon comic art competition winners.

Amy Louise Maynard reviews Mirranda Burton's Hidden.

 David C Mahler's My True Love (Not for Kiddies).

Good luck to Jason Chatfield this weekend hosting the 67th Annual Reuben Awards.

Elf-Fin Trailer.

Before they stuffed her in a yellow leotard and cat whiskers, Ruth Atkinson's creation, Patsy Walker was the star of popular teen comics. Here's a pile of Australia editions of Patsy Walker, all conforming to the A.G.P. teenage code of approved reading.

Paper Trail masthead courtesy of Toby Morris.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Paper Trail

Rory Hewson writes about F.J. Nealie's Rotorua cartoons. Preview here. Further commentary here.


Bob Temuka writes about focusing on individual panels from comics.

 Kelly Sheehan's idea of a perfect panel: This moment from Tim Kidd's Came The Dawn

Chromacon have Boosted and Pledgeme campaigns running to help finance their festival.

Renowned political cartoonist Malcolm Evans paints a live billboard drawing in central Wellington.

Tim Molloy shares album art for Cash Savage and the Last Drinks.

Sam Orchard shares a page from a submission to the Anything That Loves anthology.

This is Moonbeard.

Kiwigame's NZ advertising Flickr set.

Another Kiwigame Vintage NZ Advertising set. I used to buy and use these tattoos!

It can't hurt to link to more DIE POPULAR.

Tane William's illustrations for Steve Braunias.

Ele Jenkins tumblr.

Grant Buist recently wrote about concluding his twelve year run on strip Jitterati for Wellington paper Capital Times which has ceased publication. A recent post on Buist's site indicates he has found a new home for Jitteratti.

Capital Times' last issue came out this month after 38 years of publication. The issue below featured Mat Tait's illustration from Pictozine #2.

Melbourne Comics festival on in Northcote this weekend. More details here.

Ive Sorocuk shares a detail of the cover created in collaboration with Alex Clark for his forthcoming Comics Face collection.

Kevin Patrick writes about the discovery of  Terry Trowell paintings in Western Australia. interview Roger Langridge.

Paul Mason writes about an Australian soldier character in Timely/Marvel Comics.

Anthony Woodward offers 4 issues of Sketchbook Comix through a pay what you want model.

Anthony is preparing a third Chugnut Comics free comic book day comic. Read Chugnut #1.

 Simon Hanselmann features in the latest issue of ลก! #13 'Life Is Live'.

Gavin Aung Than tackles super heroes via Jack London at Zen Pencils.

Daniel Best writes about his forthcoming book about Australian comics publisher Newton Comics. Best has also established a Newton Comics facebook group.

Joshua Santospirito features on The Comic Spot.